Dogharoon Special Economic Zone
Dogharoon Special Economic Zone

Introduction of the region

Dogharoon Special Economic Zone on a land area of ​​8700 hectares was approved by the government board in 1987 and approved by the Islamic Council in 1989, and Dogharon Development and Construction Company was designated as the responsible organization.

Dogharon Special Economic Zone is the largest special economic zone in the country in terms of area, and most of its infrastructure was created in 1986 with the investment of the private sector.

Major current activities in the region

The current activities of Dogharon Special Economic Zone include: warehousing, transshipment of goods, fuel storage, export and import of all products to Afghanistan and other countries.

Geographical location of the region

Dogharon Special Economic Zone is located at the zero point of the border with Afghanistan, 18 km from Taibad city and 220 km from the capital of the province (Mashhad city), located on the Silk Road and international corridors, and the presence of Dogharon Customs, which is more than a hundred years old. It is the only official border of our country with Afghanistan, which distinguishes this region from other regions.

Another advantage of this area is its proximity (120 kilometers) to Herat province, which is the center of trade and economic activities in Afghanistan.